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GWP Sodium Brine

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GWP Sodium Brine

Over the last decade, sodium chloride (NaCl) brine has gained widespread acceptance with government agencies and is now available in private sectors. GWP SODIUM BRINE reduces the chloride and sodium discharges into the environment and helps to protect the environment while building your bottom line. Brines have been proven to be safe, effective (when properly blended and applied), very cost-effective when compared to granular applications.

Using GWP SODIUM BRINE will save you substantial amounts of money in material costs, and reduce the amount of chloride emissions into the environment. Switching from rock salt to brine, for example, can bring a cost savings over 65% and result in 65% less salt consumption todo the same job. Sixty-five percent less salt applied means 65% less chloride emissions into the environment.

GWP SODIUM BRINE has the ability to melt a .5 inch to .75 inch of snow. Pre treating pavement with brine prior to a more significant snow event can reduce the time it takes to reachbare pavement by as much as 50% by acting as an anti-bonding agent, thus allowing you to remove the ice and snow from the pavement, rather than needing to hammer it off and then re-salt. The Salt Institute estimates that pre-event anti-icing with brine can be 10 times more effective than deicing with salt after ice and snow have bonded to the surface, and that brine uses one-third to one-quarter the amount of material used in deicing.

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