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Green Ways Plus De-Icing Specifications

Whether you outsource your properties snow and ice removal or self-perform- Green Ways Plus has your budget, liability and assets in mind. Our agricultural based liquids and treated granular ice melt products will significantly increase pedestrian and vehicular safety (by up to 80%) while still protecting your concrete assets. Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) studies show that there is an average cost of $800.00 to $3500.00 on asset damage for every ton of salt applied. Property Owners/Managers need to not only look at the cost of the deicing material but the cost for replacing these assets.

KEY BENEFITS INCLUDE: concrete corrosion reductions, longer lasting performance, residual performance, affordability, and consistent product availability regardless of what Old Man Winter brings.


A highly effective, ecologically sustainable liquid de-icer or enhancer

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Magic Salt Bulk

Bulk rock salt blended with an agricultural based performance enhancer

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GWP ProMelt Enhanced

Multi chloride treated with Magnesium chloride & corn sugars

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