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Education Breeds Change

Our Mission:

Our movement is designed for any individual or entity that distributes or applies anti-icing / de-icing materials, to help them improve their knowledge, quality and efficiency of applying or distributing our products. We are to better protect the environment and promote safer conditions for all.


Management Training

Snowfighters are professionals called upon to work in extreme conditions, for extended periods, performing life-saving public safety emergency response in keeping roadways and parking lots open and safe. Managers, technical support personnel and the operators responsible for plowing and salting winter roads all require training. It is important for all to have the mind set of what we call “Sensible Salting Principals”. The key is to provide training to these road salt users, teaching them how to use the minimum amount of liquids or salts to preserve roadway safety and public mobility. Our training guides will enable those charged with applying liquids and salts to winter roads to understand how toorganize their efforts, select their equipment and materials, store salt to safeguard the environment and, “where, when and how much” to apply salt. Let Green Ways Plus show you how to apply liquids and treated solids “The Right Way…”