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Polaseal MA

POLASEAL M-A is a siloxane-based, single component waterproofing treatment for use on brick, stucco, block, concrete, stone, clay tile, slate, and exposed aggregate concrete.It penetrates the substrate and quickly cures to lock itself into the pore structure.POLASEAL M-A produces an incredibly durable barrier against the action of weather, pollutants, de-icing chemicals, and ultra-violet radiation, without altering the surface appearance.

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Polaseal VCI 

POLASEAL VCI is a corrosion inhibiting, penetrant sealer for the protection and waterproofing of most types of concrete. POLASEAL VCI uses a combination of vapor corrosion inhibition chemistry and reactive siloxane technology to provide corrosion protection to steel reinforcement and waterproofing protection of concrete. POLASEAL VCI contains microparticulate inhibitors that penetrate into the concrete structure. These inhibitors produce a monomolecular layer that seeks the metal surface of rebar and inhibits ion transfer (corrosion). This corrosion protection is continually replenished by additional unreacted inhibitor. Dilution of the monomolecular layer is prevented by a siloxane surface barrier.

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Concrete Strength Builder


Polaseal Penetrant Hardener

POLASEAL PENETRANT HARDENER is a unique water-based polymer especially designed to penetrate and restore strength to masonry surfaces. Applied directly to the substrate, POLASEAL PENETRANT HARDENER chemically strengthens concrete, mortar, block, and other masonry materials.

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