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Benefits of GWP Liquid Anti-Icers

Proactive Approach

By applying GWP Liquids prior to an event, you are taking a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. This proactive approach allows for safer pavement conditions in a shorter time frame.

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) states that benefits from liquid pretreatments include higher friction and better pavement conditions early in a storm. Since anti-icing is a preventative strategy, it can support strict requirements for safer road conditions during a winter storm and provide a higher Level of Service (LOS).

Residual Performance

GWP Liquid anti-icers have a residual performance, due to the agricultural ingredient mixture, that allows it to become suspended during periods of dry weather. Typically the liquids applied on a roadway surface will only wear away through heavy traffic and the sun’s rays. Liquids can be applied up to one week prior to an event. Rain will generally not dilute the liquid as it dries and infuses itself to the pavement surface.

Improved Level of Service/Accident Reductions by 80%

According to the National Safety Council, anti-icing procedures have proven to reduce motor vehicle accidents as much as 80%. By applying liquids and preventing the bond of snow and ice to the roadway, snow management crews can increase the LOS on roadways faster and more efficiently. The possibility of black ice and hard pack formation is also eliminated when liquids are applied prior to a storm event.

Reduction in Liabilities for Property Owners and Contractors

By applying liquids before a storm event, liability factors are greatly reduced. Black ice and hard pack snow are two primary causes of accidents and can be eliminated or greatly reduced by the proper application of our GWP Liquid Anti-Icers.

Reduction in Labor Costs

GWP Liquid Anti-Icers allows crews to mobilize later and demobilize earlier. An approximate savings of two to three hours per man and vehicle during an event can be realized due to the use of liquid anti-icers.

Extended Equipment Life

GWP Liquid Anti-Icers have corrosion inhibitors that reverse the corrosion process. Any snow removal contractor knows the extreme damage that straight rock salt causes to metal on their equipment. When straight rock salt is treated with GWP Liquid Anti-Icers, equipment is far less affected by the harmful and corrosive effects of traditional anti-icers/de-icers.