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Green Ways Plus Eco-Friendly Liquid Anti-Icing Products

By employing a variety of products, GWP can easily customize your snow fighters’ toolbox – Our Eco-Friendly Snow Melt products enable you to fight each storm with the proper tools.


GWP uses Eco-friendly agriculturally based non-toxic bio-degradable liquid anti-icers that form a liquid barrier between roadway and walkway surfaces and snow fall. Similar liquids have been used in Europe for 50 years, and in state and county governments for over 20 years, are now available for consumer use. Our liquids contain highly effective ingredients made from agricultural by-products, premium chlorides along with corrosion inhibitors. Our liquid blends provide snow and ice control that out performs traditional brines….

GWP Eco-Friendly Snow Melt liquids makes snow and ice removal far easier than traditional methods. By applying our liquids directly onto paved surfaces prior to a storm event, ice and snow will not bond, black ice is eliminated, equipment corrosion is greatly reduced, slips and falls are also greatly reduced. GWP liquids may also be used for treating bulk salt and pre-wetting salt at the spreader or for de-icing purposes.

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The New Jersey DEP is stressing the detrimental effects that salt and sand have on the surrounding environment and infrastructures. 30 – 40% of ordinary road salt bounces off our roadways and contaminates the soil or gets carried into our waterways causing fish populations to decrease. Drinking water supplies can also be contaminated by the infiltration of high levels of sodium. Aside from contaminating surface and groundwater, high levels of sodium chloride kill roadside vegetation and corrode infrastructure such as bridges, roads, and storm water management devices.
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