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Liquid and Granular Ice Melt Products

With over 20 years of experience in snow and ice operations, we offer the
best performance products, equipment and training available
for any winter storm scenario.

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With over 20 years of experience in snow and ice operations, we offer the best performance products, equipment and training availablefor any winter storm scenario.

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Green Ways Plus has hand selected Eco-Friendly Snow Melt products that will help you tackle any winter event while still protecting your properties assets. Our selected products are agriculturally based which are safer around around kids and pets!

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Education Breeds Change

Watershed Area Approved

Green Ways Plus offers products that are NY State approved for use in watershed areas as well as areas adjacent to wetlands and fragile ecosystems. With products that are safer for pets, landscaping, concrete, and around water systems, GWP delivers performance and safety when and where you need it most.

Green Commitment

Products and services erroneously labelled 'environmentally friendly' have resulted in nothing more than "green fatigue". We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products, all the while ensuring optimal safety. Every year we learn more and venture closer to our ideal environmental footprint.

  • "Green Ways Plus knows exactly what we need to get the job done. The fact that their products are environmentally friendly only adds to our commitment to working with them."

    Property Manager
  • "I can count on Jason and his team to support us when bad weather hits. The whole Green Ways Plus team is rock solid at helping us deliver for our customers."

    Lanscaping Company Owner

Anti Icing

Green Ways Plus does not represent any one product. We have aligned ourselves with the best products to fit any type of winter event. Through extensive research of dozens of products on the market, we have created a product line that outperforms the competition in performance, availability and price. Green Ways Plus is always on the leading edge of snow and ice management technologies. We strive to educate our customers so they in turn can provide a safer environment to their clients.


GWP’s Corrosion Prevention products will not freeze, remaining active to migrate on metal surfaces. Penetrating metal pores, they create an airtight seal that blocks road salts and moisture. They are an excellent release agent for snow, helping to keep snow and ice from building up or sticking to metal. Our products are the perfect product for winterizing equipment stored indoors and out!

Education Breeds Change

Our movement is designed for any individual or entity that distributes or applies anti-icing / de-icing materials, to help them improve their knowledge, quality and efficiency of applying or distributing our products. We are to better protect the environment and promote safer conditions for all.

Work With GWP

We offer free team training, product brochures, supporting literature, product samples and 24-hour support. These are just a few of the ways we are committed to supporting our customers and distributors. We are here 24/7/365 to assist with product support, purchasing and troubleshooting best practices for a given winter event.

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